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    • Account Type
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    • Applicant Details
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Step 1: Select Account Type

This application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Account Type

*Required Field
  • The name that you are applying for the trading account in must be either the name of an Individual, Joint, Company, a Trust (with an Individual Trustee) or a Trust (with a Company Trustee).

    • To complete your Individual application you will need:

      • A valid email address
      • Your Bank Account details
      • Identification
      • Tax File Number or Exemption code (optional)

Trust Type




Saved Application

After you've completed the online application, you need to print and sign the application form, and send to us with supporting documentation.

We will activate your account within 5-7 days once we have received your signed application and supporting documentation. You will receive an email notification from us once your account has been set up.

Note: we reserve the right not to accept an application to open an account.

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