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Administration and Maintenance

1047 NETW1047

Account Closure Request Form

For use when requesting the closure of your trading account.

1061 NETW1061

Application to Cancel Share Trading Premium Account

Revert back to a Share Trading Standard Account and remove access to the $25,000 Trading Facility (Share Trading Premium Account).

1062 NETW1062

Application for Share Trading Premium Account

Apply for or upgrade to a Share Trading Premium Account that allows you to buy up to $25,000 of shares online. The trading limit is adjusted up or down depending on your account balance and outstanding buy orders.

1002 NTW1002

Authority to Trade Form

If you wish to give someone else authority to trade on your account complete this form.

1005 NETW1005

Change of Address / Contact Details Form

You can update your contact details, including your address, phone number and email address at any time online. For all company and trust accounts you will need to complete the Change of Address Form.

1032 NETW1032

Change of Company / Trust Details Form

Complete this form to notify us of any changes to your company or trust address, contact details, company name, remove or add a director/secretary authorised to operate on the company account or to change your SMSF/Trust account designation. You will need to complete the Change of Address/Contact Details form to change the address of a director/secretary or trustees currently authorised to operate the account.

1007 NETW1007

Change of Personal Name Form

If you have changed your name (e.g. due to marriage or divorce) or need to make a name correction on your trading account please complete this form and provide the required supporting documentation.

1012 NETW1012

Change of Settlement Options and Bank Account Details Form

Complete this form to change your settlement method and/or to change your nominated bank account used for settlement of trades, your nominated bank account used to transfer funds to and from your Cash Account or your nominated bank account linked to your funds in trust account by Direct Debit/Credit authority.

7030 NETW7030 1066 NETW1066

Estate Management Disbursement Form

Use this form to ‘disburse’ (sell or transfer) shares from a deceased estate. Depending on the accounts held within the estate, certain sections of this form will need to be completed, and supporting documentation provided.

For more information, visit Estate management

7029 NETW7029 1065 NETW1065

Estate Management Notification Form

This form is for use by executors, administrators and solicitors (if applicable) to formally notify us of a customer’s death.

It is also used to formally appoint an executor/administrator/solicitor to manage the account/s of a customer, after they pass away.

For more information, visit Estate management

1053 NETW1053

Partly Paid Security Client Agreement Form

Complete this form to buy Partly Paid Securities on your trading account.

1054 NETW1054

Share Transfers to accounts in a different name or another party

Transfer existing holdings from another broker or share registry (issuer) to a Netwealth share trading account in different name, or to another party.

1033 NETW1033 Online

Share Transfers to accounts in the same name

Transfer existing holdings from another broker or share registry (issuer) to a Netwealth share trading account in exactly the same name.

(The fastest, easiest way to transfer stock is online).

1004 NETW1004

TFN, ABN & Tax Residency Declaration

Use this form to provide your Tax File Number (TFN), Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax Identification Number (TIN), Exemption Code/s and/or Tax Residency Information to an existing trading account.

Share Trading

Online 1000 1001

Account Application Forms

Please choose the form that best suits your needs.

Online Application

The fastest, easiest way to apply for a new Share Trading account is Online.

Apply Online
1023 NETW1023

Identification Documentation Requirements

Outlines the process for certifying identification documentation including acceptable documents, how to certify documents and a list of people who can certify ID.

1050 NET1050

Important Information

Contains important information about our Trading.

1058 NETW1058

Job and Industry Classifications List

Lists the eligible Job Category and Job Types for individuals and Industry Category and Industry Type for companies and trusts.

1025 NETW1025

Privacy Policy

Contains information about how we collect, verify and use customer information.

Exchange Traded Options (ETOs)

1009 NETW1009 1011 NETW1011

Exchange Traded Options Application

Use this application to open a new Exchange Traded Options account. You will need an existing Share Trading account.

Download PDF

Exchange Traded Options Tier 2 Upgrade Form

To enable selling options and multi-leg orders.

Download PDF

ETO Suitability Questionnaires

These additional Suitability Questionnaires (outside of the one in the ETO Application form) are to be completed and submitted where more than one applicant is required to complete a Suitability Questionnaire. Please refer to the ETO Application Form for details about how many need to be submitted per application.

Suitability Questionnaire 2 Suitability Questionnaire 3

ASX Warrants

1006 NETW1006

ASX Warrant Client Agreement Form

To trade Warrants please read, understand and complete the ASX Warrant Client Agreement Form.

Download PDF

Disclosure Documents


ASX Understanding Options Trading Booklet

A simple guide to understanding options trading from the ASX.


ASX Understanding Trading and Investment Warrants Booklet

A simple guide to understanding trading and investment warrants from the ASX.

1020 NETW1020

Best Execution Policy

This disclosure sets out how AUSIEX meets its Best Execution obligation.

1041 NETW1041 ETO PDS

ETO Product Disclosure Statement

Our Product Disclosure Statement for our Exchange Traded Options.

1010 NETW1010 ETO TMD

ETO Target Market Determination

Describes who this product is appropriate for, any conditions around how we distribute it to customers and when we may need to review our Target Market Determination.

1035 NETW1035 FSG

Financial Services Guide

This document sets out the financial services and the types of financial products that we are authorised to provide under our Australian Financial Services Licence.

1029 NETW1029

Share Trading Account Terms and Conditions

Contains the Terms and Conditions for share trading through this website.