Margin lending is a way of borrowing funds to invest in shares and managed funds, using cash, shares and managed funds as security on the loan. The amount of the loan will depend on the size of your portfolio and the lending ratios applicable for each holding.

This means that if you have $10,000.00 worth of NAB and the current Lending ratio is 70% a Margin Lender will loan $7,000.00 for additional investment purposes. Similarly if you have $3,000.00 in cash funds and wish to purchase NAB shares, at the prevailing 70% Lending Ratio, you will be able to buy $10,000.00 worth of NAB.

Margin Lending allows investors to gain additional gearing for investments that may previously be unavailable.

By simply applying for a Margin Loan and linking it to a Netwealth Margin Lending Trading Account you can buy and sell shares online and access the benefits of Margin Lending.

The Margin Lending Facility services are provided through St George Margin Lending, a General Settlement Participant of the ASX. All Interest Rates, Acceptable Securities lists and fees and charges that are applicable to the Margin Lending Facility are defined by St George. Any queries regarding your margin lending facility should be directed to St George Margin Lending or by calling 1300 304 065 8am to 6pm, EST, Monday to Friday.

Current Interest Rates

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Acceptable Securities List

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