Australian shares have consistently outperformed other investment types including property over the long term, making them a valuable wealth creation tool. With over 2,200 companies from a large number of industries listed on the ASX, you can invest across a diverse range of securities. This diversification can reduce your overall investment risk, as well as providing you access to different companies, sectors and industries.

Unlike many other asset types, with shares you can begin with a small investment and build a portfolio over time. You can choose the securities you invest in according to your objectives, and as a shareholder, you'll benefit from dividends and/or capital growth.

Even better, you pay no stamp duty or legal fees when you invest in shares, and they can offer some potential tax advantages. Most shares are also liquid, so you can buy and sell quickly, and can usually access your cash within two business days of selling.

Investing in shares through us is fast and simple, with competitive brokerage and a range of free research tools to help you make the most informed investment decisions.

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