About options

Options are powerful, flexible tools that experienced investors can use to:

  • Profit from your perspective, even when the market is falling or static.
  • Access the underlying stock for a fraction of the cost of a direct investment.
  • Earn extra income from your portfolio by receiving a premium on options you write.
  • Protect or ‘hedge’ your existing investments by guaranteeing the sale price, regardless of where the market moves.

With options, you can potentially benefit from price movements in any direction, as well as protect your portfolio by reducing volatility. You can use options to tailor a range of strategies, from the simple to the more complex, to match your investment goals and your appetite for risk.

Our upgraded trading platform has a 2-tier model for Options trading. At Tier 1, you can write covered Calls and Puts. At Tier 2, more complex Options trading strategies are available.

There can be high levels of risk associated with trading in Options, so you will need to have a clear understanding of them before proceeding.

To become an Options client:

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