Trading Pro is a dedicated dynamic market data software application. Trading Pro is designed to allow you to follow the markets in real time seeing the very same data and news that stockbrokers use. This gives you the edge to make timely and informed trading decisions.

Trading Pro is built using Java™ technology within a standard web browser so it can be used on both PC and Mac computers. It is accessed via the internet/web and can therefore be used anywhere that there's an internet connection, even on slower dial-up connections.

Trading Pro has been designed to allow you to customise its features to suit your preferences and trading style.

With real-time streaming data straight to your desktop, you have access to:

  • Pricing for ASX Equities, Options, Warrants and Interest Rate Securities
  • Global market indices and Foreign Exchange (FX) rates
  • Managed Funds unit prices
  • Comprehensive security data including dividends, historical corporate actions, company profiles and more
  • Tools and Calculators
  • Charting for advanced technical analysis
  • Integrated portfolio and watch list monitoring
  • And much more

In addition to the Trading Pro package you may wish to upgrade your access to include:

  • Real time (Live) - Global Indices, International markets and London Metals Exchange (LME) data
  • A RealTimeData (RTD) add-in for Microsoft Excel is also available

Professional traders require a number of tools and features to assist making their trading decisions, the Trading Pro platform provides these to our clients, including:

  • Real time interactive charts
  • In depth company information
  • Streaming news & announcements
  • Visual Market Map display
  • System or customisable Watchlists
  • Fully customisable layout
  • Linking windows data
  • Dynamic Options pricing
  • Options valuations - 'Greeks'
  • Import/Export security data
  • Indicative opening prices
  • Drag & drop between windows
  • Extensive Warrant monitor
  • Major Market Movers
  • Real time Course of Trade info