With our trading alerts, you can keep your investment strategy in place, even when you can’t keep your eye on the market every minute.

You can set up simple alerts that will be sent direct to your mobile phone or email inbox:

  • Price alerts will tell you when a stock you’ve selected reaches the high or low trigger you’ve set.
  • Time alerts can monitor the price of a watchlist at whatever time of the day you choose.

And when you’re ready to trade, it takes only a phone call or a few mouse clicks.


Common Questions

How do Alerts work?

You can create up to 25 alerts to keep you up to date on stock price, volume traded or company announcements on any ASX listed stock. It's important to keep in mind that Alerts will not place an order on the market for you but are a valuable information source designed to help you keep track of market movements and opportunities.

How can I start receiving Alerts?

You can set up Alerts on the Alerts & Subscriptions page under My Account > My Profile.

How much do Alerts cost?

Alerts are free of charge if you have a Netwealth Share Trading account.

How can I cancel an Alert?

You may provide notice to cancel this Subscription Agreement at any time, by e-mailing us at support@sharetrading.netwealth.com.au. No further direct debits will be made for purchase of alert credits, but you may continue to use the service until the balance of your credits reaches zero. Cancellation will be effective when you have used your last available alert credit.