SMS settlement notifications are ready for Premium Accounts

From 6 December we will be introducing SMS notifications to be sent directly to your preferred mobile number. The notification will be sent the day before trade settlement is due (T+1), reminding you to have sufficient funds available in your linked bank account.

For buy orders, it’s important you have sufficient funds in your linked bank account before settlement, as a failed settlement may attract a dishonour fee from your bank and an ASX failed settlement fee.

SMS notifications are currently only available to Premium Accounts.

All other account types require the funds to be available in your Trading Account prior to the share purchase, therefore no action required for these accounts upon settlement.

SMS Notification Opt Out

If you do not wish to receive settlement notifications, you can opt out of this service at any time by navigating to My Account > My Profile > Personal & Account Details.

Update your mobile number online

To view and update your preferred mobile number, navigate to My Account > My Profile > Personal & Account Details.

Updated: 2 December 2021

Published: 30 November 2021